Movierulz 2020: Download Latest Telugu Hindi Tamil Malayalam Movies Free

Movierulz is a king when it comes to downloading and watching the latest movies and series both Hindi and English. The list of options is tremendously vast that even sounds limitless. The latest trailing and Award-winning HD Telugu, movierulz Tamil, Punjabi, Malayalam, Hindi Dubbed Movies, serials, hot TV shows, are all stocked in just one place for you to directly access no matter what device you use. All that you can get easily and, most importantly, for FREE!

So if you are a movie fanatic who has never heard of Movierulz, then you might be missing on a real gold mine in Movierulz. But worry not, time has come and new love story is about to sprout. When you indulge in what Movierulz will gift you, you wouldn’t be raising an eyebrow, in suspicion, as you might be doing right now!

Disclaimer: We DO NOT host any movies and series in our website. We do not encourage downloading content that violates copyright or simple illegal. Our aim behind this article is educational about free movies streaming websites and apps. Users are also responsible for what they download and it is up to them to decide to use or not illegal content and check which laws regulate what according to their own countries’ legal procedures and regulations.


Movierulzfree does the job

Movies and series have become part of everybody’s life. No matter where they live, their income, age or their obsessions may be, cinema products always dig a way to break into our lives, and we welcome it with open arms. I hardly can find an exception for this rule, I means, who is not consuming movies in this era? Very few if any.

Cinema is a great source for education, culture, and entertainment. And in a world like ours, where life is cramped with all means of stress, noise and crowdedness brought about by modern developments on every sphere, taking a moment of relaxation is a must and is highly recommended. Movies help you take a brief rapture from a world of tension and action into another different world of imagination and dreams.

This is right what Movierulz website and app help you achieve!

In this post we would like to introduce the incredible Movierulzfree, website and app, to watch free movies, especially free Hindi movies on PC, android phone or tablet.

If you are fond of Hindi film and Bollywood movie production, Movierulz is the right place for you to entertain yourself. The website is always up-to-date to cope with the latest Indian movies. A new release Hindi movie would constantly find a way to the shelf archive in 3Movierulz’s already huge library.

Telugu movies, movierulz telegu, movierulz Tamil, Malayalam movies, Bengali movie, Dubbed movies, and all Bollywood box office collection are uploaded directly and instantly after their release. The library hosts free movies in both Hindi and English versions.


What is Movierulz?


From Movierulz com to 3movierulz ms

3Movierulz is a leading website that hosts free movies of all types and genre. It uses torrent file formats to share torrent downloadable and easily accessible movies and series.


Movierulz com, and now 3movierul ms, was launched to provide the internet users, especially those Indian movies fanatics with the opportunity to enjoy watching their favorite Bollywood film, old and new releases, for free.

Those of a limited budget who cannot afford paying for movies, specifically the types that top Bollywood Box Office are granted a free chance to meet their entertainment pleasure. And after all, there aren’t many people out there who can afford paying for couples of movies a month, because, let’s face it, who is going to limit themselves with watching one or two movies in a month long? There are certainly some people who do not often watch movies and would be quite happy to hit that limit rate, but they are certainly not considered among movies genuine fans. And for whom movies are a top list entertainment, 3Movierulz has all the answers.

Yes Movierulz com is off by now, but it has successfully handed the beacon to 3Movierulz ms.


Movierulz website structure


With a user friendly environment and design, Movierulz website and app offer the sweat fruits the film industry can offer. A well-structured schema is the first thing your eyes grab when you land on their homepage page. The navigation menu is self-explanatory that you do not need any time to get used to it as the case normally is with most websites during the first visit. 3Movierulz’ content is divided into ten main menu sections, including the Homepage, to facilitate accessing free Indian movies. Those are the content categories that classify what you are expected to get from 3Movierulz ms website without spending a dime.

Movierulz’s free movies are grouped according to the following types:

Featured: this category hosts the most recent and popular movies of all genres. Classification is based on popularity and how many views gained.

Hollywood: you find English movies latest as well as old releases. There are also four sub-sections to group content based on date of release and they are as follows: Hollywood Movie 2019, Hollywood Movie 2018, Hollywood Movie 2017, and Hollywood Movie 2016.

Bollywood: here you find Bollywood film new and old releases and, very much like Hollywood category, is divided into four sub-sections as follows: Bollywood Movie 2019, Bollywood Movie 2018, Bollywood Movie 2017, and Bollywood Movie 2016.

Tamil Movierulz: where you can access all Tamil movies.

Telugu Movierulz: which is dedicated to download All Telegu Movies. It has also three subsections: Telugu Movie 2019, Telugu Movie 2018, and Telugu Movie 2017.

Malayalam Movierulz: dedicated to all Movierulz Malayalam movies.

Other: here you find a set of free Indian movies grouped in five sub-sections: Bengali Movies, Punjabi Movies, Hindi Dubbed Movies, Tamil Dubbed Movies, and Telugu Dubbed Movies.

Genre: in this section the free movies provided by 3Movierulz ms are classified according to cinema genres and include: Action, Drama, Romance, Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Sci-Fi (Science Fiction), Documentary, among others.
DVDRip: the last Category and include movies in DVD formats.


Have a great user experience with 3Movierulz ms

The website is mobile-friendly that you can browse comfortably using your smartphone or tablet.

Providing free movies in various video qualities is another merit of Movierulz generosity. You can watch your movies and series in high video resolution with HD, 1080p, and 720p for a better video experience, but you can also opt for 480p, 360p, or even 240p and 140p for lower quality if you have low speed internet connection or low capacity device.


Popularity with a good reason


Though Movierulz has to change domain name regularly due to law infringement crack down on the website, it has never lost its shine. And this is certainly for a good reason; visitors, once landing on their platform, soon become addicted and follow Movierulz wherever they move their content in the web.

Movierulz com is no longer available because it was apparently removed following complaints issued against the website from the copyright holders. Movierulz founders have to switch between a never-exhausted list of domains extensions to keep their content live on the internet.
At this moment, the burden is undertaken by Movierulz ms, the best Movierulz com’s successor. And what proves the high esteem and warm welcome of this website is the popularity the new offspring domain has gained in no time.
Movierulz ms has sprung into 2,439 Alexa global rank and 90 traffic rank in India.


Breaking all those millions positions behind it is not as astonishing as if you know how long it took Movierulz ms to accomplish that giant stride. Believe or not, this all was done in a month span! Take a look at this graph from Semrush:


and here is another from Ubersuggest


These graphs illustrations say it all; despite removed several times, Movierulzfree has never lost its popularity.


Movierulz working website URLs

Because of the relentless crack downs on the website, Movierulz moved from a domain name to another and sometimes uses different domain names and subdomains at the same time. The following links are all working to the time of writing this post. All the following domains URLs redirect to 3movierulz ms:


3movierulz ms   


No longer working URLs: Movierulz com is gone

Just take a look at this huge list! Believe it or not, these URLs were all used to host Movierulz content and they used a list like this for the sake of keeping the website alive. Hosting illegal content like free Movierulz movies is quite a tough job to maintain.

The following is a list of the most URLs that used to host free Hindi movies, Malayalam, Telugu, Punjabi, movierulz Tamil, Bengali movies, but are no longer available online, on top of them the root domain, Movierulz com.        movierulz.hs        movierulz.vpn

movierulz.pz           movierulz.vt          movierulz.hs          movierulz.ce        movierulz .ht


movierulz.pc       movierulz ms


How to download free movies from Movierulz website (Movierulz PC)?

As we mentioned earlier above, Movierulz share free movies and series using torrent files. That makes it easy to download android or simple using Movierulz PC, i.e., accessing the website directly through the browser without the need to install anything.

To download a movie from Movierulz, simple choose the movie in question by clicking its link or image and you will be directed to the page that is hosting torrent download links:



Movierulz provides many torrent links for the same movie, they only differ in video quality. Choose which video quality that fits your running device and set and click on it. The file will start downloading to your device ( usually after many clicks because the website uses pop-up ads as a way of monetizing their content).
After having that file downloaded, you need to have UTorrent installed on your device (either on android or pc). If you haven’t installed it yet, go ahead and do it.



Now that you have UTorrent ready, you have simply to click open the movie torrent file you downloaded before and choose to open it in UTorrent. The movie downloading process should begin. When UTorrent finishes downloading, you should have your movie ready.

Another option available to watch free Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Punjabi, and Bengali movies, is through downloading Movierulz App apk for android.


How to watch free movies from website?

Movierulz App apk is an amazing app designed by website founders to facilitate watching free movies online via android devices. But there is more to it than simply getting free download links to Hollywood and Bollywood films. In fact, Movierulz apk app enables you not only to download your favorite movies to your device, but it offers you also the choice to watch them online without having to overburden your devices storage with extra Mbs.

Another advantage of the Movierulz app over the website is that it is more reliable and steady than the website version. As we said before, Movierulzfree is constantly punished and removed as a result of copyright infringements. But somehow, the app version is less affected and seems more immune. Thus, having Movierulz app installed and running on your device is like securing constant access to free movies content even when the main website is off.


How to Download Movierulz apk app?

Follow these steps to download, install and set up Movierulz app apk.

1. Go to and, under the main menu items, you find a bar that is asking you to download the App.


Click on download and you are directed to the page download links of the app.

2. You have many sites options to download from, choose what you like. (we picked the first one in this tutorial).



3.  Click download ( we opted for first links and we are now on Mega website. things may be different with other websites)



4. Next click Save File



4. Open the apk file you have just downloaded


5. You get a message popup on your screen telling you that your device is set to block installations from unknown sources.


6. Click Settings to alter a bit your setting to be abl to run Movierulz app

   Scroll down to Unknown Sources and enable the option


7. Check Allow this installation only option, then OK



8. Now click insall the app.


8. When it finishes installing, click Open to launch the app.


9. Click ENTER and congrats.




What movies you’re expected to find?

Well, all movies are there. Ok, let’s nuance a little bit and say, there is hardly a leaked movie that does not find a way into Movierulz.

All in all, if you are looking for a genuine source of free movies, Hindi movies, Malayalam movies, Telugu movies,Tamil movies, Bengali movies, or even free movies of Hollywood, Movierulz should be on your top list option.

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