Free IPTV M3u: Sports IPTV Links 27-10-2019

Free IPTV M3U: IPTV list updated!

Free iptv m3u and m3u playlist we publish spare you all the trouble of looking around and the disappointment of coming with iptv list that are already expired. We built up this website to provide you with the iptv free so you can enjoy watching your favorite movies, games, TV shows, News- and all that for free!

We are fully aware what it takes to find working free iptv m3u on the internet. You hold tens or hundreds of research wandering Google search pages, to download free iptv links, m3u list, iptv m3u, iptv bein sport m3u from many internet resources.

Not unlikely that after all your time and effort you often come only to find out that most of those free iptv m3u are expired or not even working from the very beginning! It is indeed exhausting to come by iptv links free when the internet is cramped with expired iptv links. That is when our blog come to play.

In fact, that was the reason why we established this blog in the first place! We were guys like you (we are two) looking for free iptv on the internet. Upset by most expired cramped iptv free staff, we decided to set up this website.


In, we publish recent free daily iptv and smart iptv lists m3u8 for all world tv channels streaming via IPTV.

The m3u IPTV links we publish covers a huge package of TV channels from Sports, Movies, Entertainment, Kids, News, Local channels, Documentaries, Religious Channels & over 400 24/7 Channels.

Quality is another factor that distinct reliable free IPTV m3u we provide in our blog. But to meet all kinds of needs according to the capacity of your device as well as your internet connection, our packages range from providing ultra-fast access to SD/HD/FHD/UHD IPTV streams. If you do not have access to an internet connection with high speed, you can watch SD or lower streams.

When it comes to enjoying your TV channels via free IPTV links, device compatibility is at stake. The least thing you want to hear after downloading your m3u iptv or URL (usually after a long journey of search) is compatibility issue!

Scare not! Our m3u iptv support Smart TV, Kodi, Smartphones, IOS, Android, Windows, iMac, Linux, and major IPTV boxes. You must have at least one of those systems, don’t you?

IPTV is spreading rapidly throughout the world and becoming so familiar way of watching TV channels, even replacing traditional cable broadcasting. You look for free iptv links right now, and it says it all! We are here to ease this beautiful new technology for you if you do not want to pay a penny!

The m3u iptv below are iptv  playlists for all world countries like English USA and UK m3u iptv, Spanish, Arabic, Frensh, Deutsch, Netherlands, Chineese, Korean, Portugal, Latinos, Turkish, liste Italiane, iptv bein sport and ,any more. You also find Video On Demand (VoD) in the links iptv when you download them. The VoD include movies and series, TV shows, etc.


How to set up iptv m3u and iptv list on Smart TV Samsung and LG ?

The following is a thorough guide to help you set up your iptv free on your Smart TV. Notice that these guidelines apply to Samsung and LG Smart TV, because the process may differ with other brands.

1-The first thing to do is to download Smart TV App from your Smart TV Apps Store.

2- Install Smart TV App following the wizard setup and then launch it. You would see a message on the screen indicating that you only have 7 days free trial and you have to purchase the app for € 5.49 for a lifetime license.

3- Locate your MAC address on the right of your screen: take a note of it because you are going to use it in the next step.

4- Go to

5- Type your MAC address in the indicated field (MAC).

6- Upload your m3u or m3u8 playlist file in the field “File: Choose File” OR paste the link in the “URL” field if you have a link iptv URL.

How to set up m3u IPTV on Smartphone android?

We will use VLC Player Android app to run IPTV playlist on android whether smartphone or tablet.

We will show you how to run iptv links on android devices smartphones or tablets using two apps: VLC for Android and IPTV Extreme. You can choose what better fits you, though we would recommend VLC. So here are the two methods with both apps:

1- Setting up iptv on anroid with VLC for Android

1-Go to Google Play Store and download VLC Player Android.

2-Locate your m3u/m3u8 playlist file and click to play it; a pop-up would appear that asks you which app to use to run the file. Choose VLC for Android.

Note: if the pop-up does not show up and the playlist is opened automatically on the default app that normally read media files on your device, consider editing your device’s setting to make VLC as default. Here is how to do that:

a- Go to your device Settings.

b- Access the Application Manager.

c- Locate that default app you want to replace by VLC App and click on it.

d- Press Clear Default.

e- Set VLC for Android as your default app.

See also how to set up iptv links and m3u playlist on on your computer with VLC.

2- Setting up iptv on anroid Using IPTV Extreme


1-Download IPTV Extreme from Google Play Store.
2-Locate your playlist file and click to play it; a pop-up will appear that asks you which app to use to run the file. Choose IPTV Extreme.
Or, if you have a link URL, go to the three vertical dots on the top right of IPTV Extreme, then choose Playlists > ADD PLAYLIST > FILE OR LINK TO PLAYLIST, and paste your link the appropriate field.

To set up IPTV links or m3u playlist on Smart TV check this concise tutorial.

For running IPTV links on VLC, see this post.

And finally for smartphones check this post on how to set up iptv links or m3u playlists on android.


Free IPTV M3u Sport download


01 Sports Playlist

02 Sports Playlist

03 Sports Playlist

04 Sports Playlist

05 Sports Playlist

06 Sports Playlist

07 Sports Playlist

08 Sports Playlist

09 Sports Playlist

10 Sports Playlist

11 Sports Playlist

12 Sports Playlist

13 Sports Playlist

14 Sports Playlist

15 Sports Playlist

Remember: free iptv do not last for long! This is bad news, isn’t it? But wait! The GOOD news is that we update our links several times a day so that our visitors can come and get the working links whenever the older links stop working.

That is why we kindly invite you to bookmark our blog so that you have direct access to it whenever you need new  links and playlists!


Remember to come back soon to the website for updated lists. If links broke down, we will publish new ones. We keep changing the lists many time a day!
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